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Rocket League

A player is only allowed to compete for the school that they enrolled in. A player will not be allowed to compete for more than one school simultaneously and therefore cannot be listed on the roster of more than one school. To verify that these players are officially enrolled at their school, each player must be verified by the team's coach or another member of the faculty. For the avoidance of doubt, the verification of a player is an agreement to a summary of some key terms of the Rulebook needed by the league to verify eligibility and confirm agreement by player and team.

rocket league

Scheduled league play that will occur over an approximately three-month period of time. Each season will consist of three phases: (a) Preseason, (b) Regular Season, and (c) Playoffs, which will occur at the conclusion of the Regular Season and will lead into a championship.

This phase consists of each team enrolled in the league competing in up to three official practice weeks. Results of this match will not be recorded however this match is required in order to properly test equipment and player game connections.

This phase consists of each team within a state or region, each playing a weekly match in a league format against opponents within their league. Ranking in the league will be determined by each team's win-loss ratio.

This phase consists of the top teams from each league and is limited to two Rocket League teams per qualifying school. These teams will compete in a single-elimination tournament until only two (2) teams remain.

This match consists of the top two teams from each league as decided by Playoffs. The Finals will be a single Best-of-Seven (BO7) match. The team to achieve four game wins will be awarded the match win and will be declared the League Champion. In the event that a single team reaches four game wins before the start of a fifth, sixth or seventh game, those games will not be played.

Rocket League is one of our most widely available esports being featured in every type of league we create. Get ready to race the ball down the field and trick shoot your way to victory! Find the more information about how to play Rocket League in our leagues below:

Rocket League is an award-winning sports-action video game combining soccer and rocket-powered cars, and the RLCS is the premier professional Rocket League competition. Ally became an official sponsor of the North American RLCS in February 2023, and the relationship includes branding in RLCS broadcasts during the Winter and Spring splits. As part of the sponsorship, Ally will headline the Ally Women's Open, a women's Rocket League tournament in March 2023, with a $20,000 prize pool for North America and $20,000 for Europe.

In addition to sponsoring the Ally Women's Open, Ally's programming will include ad buys and broadcast integrations during the RLCS North American livestreams, as well as inclusions in the league's associated social campaigns. The sponsorship is also designed to help elevate amateur and semi-pro players, known as the Bubble scene, through a Community Empowerment campaign with Rocket League Esports. These tournaments expose newer players to talent scouts, which can eventually lead to larger financial opportunities by competing in the RLCS. More details on the Bubble tournaments included in the sponsorship will be shared soon.

Rocket Soccer Derby is a frantic mixture of a soccer game, a car game and a simulation game in all-in-one. You have to drive around a football pitch and try to score goals against your opponent. You can choose to play a quick game or you can choose to enter the Rocket League. By entering the Rocket League you are joing the competition and you can earn in-game money and cogs to upgrade your car! You start in the Beginners League, but once you've got the hang of it you can quickly promote to the Intermediate League and maybe you can even reach the Expert League. Give it all and win the league! 041b061a72


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