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Manna 3990 Full Rar 18

if you think about it for a moment, every person in our world is faced with a decision, each and every day. each and every day we must make a choice. for most of us, it is the choice between buying food or paying the electric bill. the manna breads are the only choice some of our communities have for bread. but we realize that most people in our world do not have the luxury of choosing between food and paying the bills. we also know that there are manna families who are literally choosing between food and medicine.

manna 3990 full rar 18

as you know, manna bread is a simple flour, water and yeast, just like any other bread recipe. there is just one crucial difference: it contains enough whole grain to provide a 30 percent daily allowance of fiber and a half-cup of fiber is 90 percent of your daily recommended fiber intake. in fact, manna bread is the only bread on the market that is so nutritious.

as a food bank, we are more than just a place to put donations. manna breads are a food that we use to help people. manna breads are the best choice for families with children, senior citizens, and individuals with medical conditions or severe food allergies.

the gift of food is as meaningful today as it was 40 years ago when manna first opened its doors. thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses, manna is able to bring needed food to those in our community who are hungry.

manna foodbank is a member-supported, faith-based, non-profit organization. sweet dreams, full plates is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. manna foodbank and its members rely on individuals, businesses, and government agencies to support the vital mission of bringing the nourishment of food to families in need. every dollar donated supports the programs and services of manna foodbank, a faith-based, non-profit organization.


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