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A Love Like This

Chuck Taylor from Billboard called "Love Like This" a "surprisingly bouncy, retro-vibed jam that borrows a tasty riff or two from Chic's "Chic Cheer." A nice change of pace for this revered soul balladeer, "Love Like This" also crackles with some smooth guitar work and a vocal that purrs with moist sensuality. Evans sounds like she's having an absolute blast here, and her positive energy is downright contagious.[3] Allmusic editor Jose F. Promis declared "Love Like This" an "irresistible dance/R&B cut."[4] In his review of parent album Keep the Faith, Ernest Hardy from Rolling Stone wrote that of "the three midtempo tracks, the best is the first single, "Love Like This"."[5] In 2018, Billboard ranked the album 43rd on its retrospective The 98 Greatest Songs of 1998: Critics' Picks listing, writing: "As soon as you hear the mesmerizing opening beats, you can't help but rock to what's since become a party, club, and skating-rink mainstay."[6]

A Love Like This

"Love Like This" is a song performed by British singer Natasha Bedingfield. It was included as the lead single of Bedingfield's second North American album, Pocketful of Sunshine, and features vocals from Jamaican-American reggae singer Sean Kingston. The song was written by Bedingfield, Kingston, Louis Biancaniello, Rico Love, Ryan Tedder, Sam Watters, and Wayne Wilkins, while production was handled by Biancaniello, Love, Tedder, and Watters under their production group, The Runawayz.[2] Its lyrics discuss finding love with a person who has "been there all your life and has always loved you, but you've never noticed it until now".[3] The official remix features vocals from rapper Lil Wayne and a slightly different beat, produced by Jim Jonsin.

The song was written by Bedingfield, Kingston, Wayne Wilkins, Louis Biancaniello, Rico Love, Ryan Tedder from the band OneRepublic, and Sam Watters - an original member of Color Me Badd in the 90s. It was also produced by Biancaniello, Love, Tedder, and Watters together as The Runawayz. The song is composed in the key of F major and set in common time. Bedingfield's vocals span from C4 to F5. The Auto Tune effect is heard in a few parts of the song.[7] In the song, Bedingfield discusses finding love with a person who has always "been there all your life", but that "you've never noticed it until now". According to her, it is all about realizing how that person is actually the "love of your life".[3]

The music video was directed by Gil Green and produced by Merge @ Crossroads.[18] Filmed in Los Angeles, California, the video features Bedingfield reuniting with a love from her past.[19] The video begins with Bedingfield singing in a park. She then meets up with a boyfriend (played by model Josh Slack) from her past. The two then remember the good times they had together while sitting on a picnic bench. The video concludes with Bedingfield singing and dancing at a house party. Scenes of Kingston in front of an ice cream truck and at the house party are intercut throughout the video.

I just want to hug Julia and kick Ryan in the shin sometimes. I cried like a baby. Ugly cried. It gutted me.As I write this, I am drawn to read this series again. Please read this book. It is the best and there is an HEA, but with who?.

Hope you're all good! Enjoy this 1998 Classic remade as a Biohzrd Funk Bootleg that you can download for free!FAITH EVANS - LOVE LIKE THIS (BIOHZRD BOOTLEG) AVAILABLE NOW AS A FREE DOWNLOAD.Follow

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It is heartbreaking to have to write back time after time and say the words that bring disappointment: The poems that they have come to love so much and that are ubiquitous on the internet are forgeries. Fake. Made up. No relationship to the original poetry of the beloved and popular Hafez of Shiraz.

In the introduction to a recent book on Hafez, I said that Rumi (whose poetic output is in the tens of thousands) comes at you like you an ocean, pulling you in until you surrender to his mystical wave and are washed back to the ocean. Hafez, on the other hand, is like a luminous diamond, with each facet being a perfect cut. You cannot add or take away a word from his sonnets. So, pray tell, how is someone who admits that they do not know the language going to be translating the language?

The tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, a magnificent city in Iran, is a popular pilgrimage site and the honeymoon destination of choice for many Iranian newlyweds. His poetry, alongside that of Rumi and Saadi, are main staples of vocalists in Iran to this day, including beautiful covers by leading maestros like Shahram Nazeri and Mohammadreza Shajarian.

Husband and I set the bar high for ourselves with a firm commitment to do the challenging, messy, beautiful, complicated, delightful work of figuring out what marriage looked like in the second half of life.

Regardless of whichever song you choose to have your first dance to, it will definitely be a special moment between you and your new spouse. When trying to select the perfect song, listen to some tunes together - maybe even incorporate some slow-dancing in the kitchen - and let your hearts decide! And if you do want to go all out, who can say no to this wonder? It makes us smile every time!

Loving like Jesus is the best way to live. When we love like Him, we can step outside ourselves and clearly see our loved ones and their needs. We can shed layers of selfishness, resentment, anxiety, pettiness, and entitlement. Most of all, we can rise above our human imperfections and step into transcendent love.

Thank you for the article, it made me remember. For a brief period when I was younger and running my neon sign business, I was giving all my time to be with friends, talk to them (many needed support), help them and use all my resources and funds for them. I would postpone jobs to do this and let my business drag. One night when I was alone cleaning up at the shop, I felt a real peace and love come over me that I have not felt before (or much). It was like my emptiness was filled with pure love. I had given myself to them in love and I felt such joy. My faith was in the Lord completely.

Created by Lani Aisida and directed by Adeola Osunkojo, the romantic drama series follows the lives of young middle-class Nigerians who find themselves making a lot of mistakes in the quest to find love.

Puja Talwar is a Soompi writer with a strong Song Joong Ki and Lee Junho bias. A long time K-drama fan, she loves devising alternate scenarios to the narratives. She has interviewed Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo, and Ji Chang Wook to name a few. You can follow her on @puja_talwar7 on Instagram. 041b061a72


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