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Welcome Three Sixty 360 Here Blog From Nokia [BEST]

Clay Christensen: Hi, this is Clay Christensen and I want to welcome you to a podcast series we call The Disruptive Voice. In this podcast we explore the theories that are featured in our course here at HBS, Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise. In each episode we'll talk to alumni of our course and others who are trying to put these theories to use in their lives and in their organizations. It's great fun to hear from them, and I hope that you find these conversations inspiring and useful. If you have an idea about a topic or a speaker you'd like to hear more about or if you'd like to comment on our work, please reach out to us here at the school.

Welcome Three Sixty 360 Here Blog from Nokia

Clay Christensen: I had two or three really important events. One was, I was fired from my company. I had five kids, needed something to do with my life, and Joe Bower was the head of the doctoral program at the time. Over a weekend they made a decision to admit me to the doctoral program. And then I found myself needing a topic to study, and this puzzle bubbled up to the top of my mind about why is success so hard to sustain? I talked to Richard Rosenbloom, who advised me to go where data is. I had an idea of something that I might study as a doctoral student, but he said, "Why don't you study disc drives?" He knew nothing about them, but he said, "There's a lot of data about disc drives." And so I did, and I assembled, with the kind help of several people, a set of data.

As well as the list of rebuttals, Skeptical Science also has a blog where the latest research and developments are examined and discussed. Comments are welcome and the level of discussion is of a fairly high quality thanks to a fairly strict Comments Policy. You need to register a user account to post comments. One thing many regulars are not aware of is you can edit your user account details (to get to this page, click on your username in the left margin).

However, there are many more who make invaluable contributions to Skeptical Science. There are a number of authors who write blog posts and are currently in the process of writing all the rebuttals in plain English. Translators from all over the world have translated the rebuttals into 15 different languages. There have been contributors to the one-line responses to skeptic arguments, proofreaders, technical support from boffins who understand computers a lot better than myself and commenters whose feedback have helped improve and hone the website's content. Skeptical Science has evolved from a small blog into a community of intelligent, engaged people with a commitment to science and our climate.


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