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Agent Hugo Hula Holiday Game

sonic scramble is the next generation of sonic games and it's coming to the wii. it's time to make your own awesome character and save the world. players will take control of sonic or one of his friends as they race around town in their car and leap through stages of different levels. collect coins to unlock new levels and accessories and collect power ups..

Agent Hugo Hula Holiday Game

the official website for agent hugo. you're a secret agent on a mission to stop dr. eggman's evil schemes. you'll explore, solve puzzles, and battle the wicked doctor in this action-packed adventure full of great characters, awesome power-ups, and lots of cool bonuses. as you go, you'll discover secrets, acquire helpful items, and unlock new weapons and abilities. use your skills and wits to..

sonic dash is a puzzle platform game developed by sega and published by sega for the wii video game console. it is the first game in the sonic dash series, and features sonic the hedgehog as the main protagonist. it was released on october 26, 2009, in north america, and february 24, 2010, in europe and australia. developed and directed by yu suzuki, the game is a platform game that..

whilst we remain in lockdown, we have not stopped working. in these unprecedented times, we have been working remotely, and with the help of our friends and colleagues at honest greetings in the uk and moo games in the us, are happy to announce that we have launched an array of new games, including new 'holiday' themed games.

the game is a follow-up of the 1999 computer game hugo and is based on the 1989 hugo the tv troll live-action tv series. agent hugo is primarily a stealth-based game, with some action elements. the story is based on the episodes "the return of hugo" (1.21) and "the reunion" (1.22) of the original tv series. the player controls the title character and his arsenal of gadgets in the arctic, the rocky mountains, the sahara, and the south pacific to foil dr. nogo's plans of world domination.


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